SatKaival College of Pharmacy, Sarsa

Message from the President

The Paramguru Pathshala Complex is an educational complex. It was started in 1991 and it is located at Sarsa which is 10 kms from Anand and Vasad.

The Complex was established by H. H. Avichaldasji Maharajshri to provide quality education in pharmacy in rural areas at reasonable and affordable fees. The Paramguru Pathshala Complex can now boast of 6 Institutes.

One of them is the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Sat Kaival College of Pharmacy, Sarsa, for pursuing the degree as well as Master programme in pharmacy. This is a unique programme designed by highly competent and foresighted members of our Board of Studies. The priorities and challenges facing pharmacy and healthcare, in general, have changed considerably in all parts of the world. The WHO estimates that by 2020, leading causes of the burden of diseases are likely to be ischemic heart disease, depression and road traffic accidents, while health trends are likely to be dominated by four factors; the ageing of the world’s population, the unfolding of HIV epidemic, the epidemic of tobacco-related mortality and disability and the expected decline in the childhood mortality from infectious diseases. The pharmacy profession should be concerned that about a third of world’s population still lacks access to essential drugs, that about half a billion persons contact malaria every year and more than one million people die every year from tuberculosis because of drug related problems, for which pharmacists should assume responsibility.


President of Gnan Sampraday Kelavani Khatu (TRUST)